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Our Team

SpreadWings operates on principles of transparency, fairness, and social responsibility.
We are committed to conducting ethical practices that benefit both borrowers and investors alike.
We can only work because of collaboration with our team, borrowers and investors.

Camille van Putten

Camille van Putten

Co-founder & President

“At SpreadWings, we believe in the potential of every entrepreneur. By supporting them not only financially but also emotionally and intellectually, we aim to create a ripple effect of positive change in communities.”


Leila Ira

Co-founder & CEO

“Spread your wings and soar to new heights with SpreadWings.” Access to capital and knowledge are essential for individuals and communities to break free from the cycle of poverty and create sustainable livelihoods.”

Marilyn Banday

Marilyn Banday

Country Manager

“I love to work with Spreadwings Philippines. Our work in Spreadwings is an opportunity to be nurtured, grown & pursued for those living under the limiting effects of Social inequality.”


Advisory Board

“To fail in life & living is a choice, equally so is to succeed. The difference lies in perceiving opportunities in every circumstance we meet – Spreadwings is an opportunity to make a legacy.”